Yulty has born with a simple question: is it possible to live a healthy lifestyle without giving up to our favorite foods?

Ezio Vasile Lacatusu, founder of Yulty, started thinking about it in 2013. He’s a fitness addict and food lover. He knows very well how hard is to maintain a good diet, often without any taste.

Everybody loves ice cream so he decided to create a delicious and healthier choice.

However, ice cream is much different from gelato. Authentic Italian gelato has a creamier texture and richer flavor.

Just a few and premium ingredients, more proteins and giving up on everything unnecessary: this is the secret of Yulty.

Pure delight without any guilt feelings.

Our story

In 2015, after almost 2 years of research and development, Ezio finally made the first tub of gelato Yulty gelato which could satisfy his high standards, using just all natural ingredients.

First move was to test the market trough some samplings at his local gyms and feedbacks were amazing! Everybody loved it and in just a few months, Yulty was in more than 60 fitness centres and supplement stores.

Next year Ezio decided to get in touch with one of the most important retailers in Italy, Esselunga. After just a few days he got an appointment, they were impressed by this product and quickly started to sell it in their stores.

Consumers started to consider it more than a protein ice cream, recognising a true healthier and delicious choice. In order to satisfy the market demand, in 2017 Yulty gelato became lactose free and gluten free.

We strongly believe that one of the key to success is to listen to your customers and for this reason every year we bring something new which could be improving our formula or bring a new flavor. Thanks to this mindset, as of today (2020) we count more than 500 stores that are selling Yulty in Italy.